Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vietnam, Cambodia tighten investment ties

August 20, 2009

Vietnamese and Cambodian companies have agreed 13 cooperation deals worth around US$400 million in total, said the Cambodian Development Council.

The agreements include the establishment of a joint venture between the International Five Star Cambodia and Vietnam’s International Five Star Group and the provision of foodstuff and adding value to export farm products between VinaFood of Vietnam and the Green Trade Company and the Investment and Development Joint Stock Company of Cambodia (IDCC).

The Tran Thai Company also signed a deal with Cambodia’s Gold Foison Company to manufacture MDF plank.

Under the new deals, plants to manufacture sugar, ethanol products, power and NPK fertlizer will be built in Cambodia.

The Banks for Investment and Development of Vietnam and Cambodia have pledged to provide preferential credits to Vietnamese and joint venture companies to invest in Cambodia.


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