Friday, August 28, 2009

Bull Racing in Mort Chrout

August 28, 2009
Love Khmer

Bull racing before here has conducted by Indigenous Khmer Krom in Mort Chrout, but Vietnamese Communist Government treated its theirs, and they controll all of this program for bull racing during Bonn Sen Donta.

Khmer Krom in 7 moutians always conduct game on Bonn Sen Donta or the Pchum Benn day, and they conduct in the pagoda where they change place from year to year. From this game become famous, the Vietnamese Communist Government demand to celebrate its byself and they said they will pay for all. On contrast, they want to earn money from this game when they sell ticket 8000/ticket, and they can earn from 300 millions dong per year from this game.

Furthermore, Vietnamese Communist Government attempts to delete this Khmer culture when they call this game of Vietnamese people and let them conduct byself. For Khmer Krom just join and needn't spend anything.

For season, Vietnamese Communist Government does not conduct this game at the Khmer Krom pagoda as ever, but they will conduct it in Chau Doc from 17-19 September.

However, this year this game Khmer in Cambodia also join with Khmer Krom and Vietnamese when the Vietnamese Committee never make sure for Khmer Krom to lead this game...

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