Sunday, August 23, 2009

Khmer Krom Refugees in Poi Pet fleed to Thailand

August 23, 2009
Love Khmer

Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Refugees were deported from Bangkok to Poi Pet, now they fleed back to Bangkok, Thailand again after the Khmer authorities denied that they could protect these Khmer Krom Refugees.

Khmer Krom Refugees, 26 peoples who were be deported by Thai authorities in early July, 2009 to Cambodia. They stayed temporary in Poi Pet, Cambodia after the authorities of Poi Pet allowed them.

For new information, after the authorities clarified that they could not protect them (Khmer Krom Refugees) because they have no any document relevant to Cambodian residents, Khmer krom Refugess have fleed to Bangkok again.

Mr. Yang Son said, "We (Khmer Krom Refugees) fleed to Bangkok again when we can not stay more in Poi Pet. We have intimidated after the authorities rejected us."

For two Khmer Krom Refugees who will be sent to Finland have been changed. UNHCR will sent them to Sweden where Tim Sakhorn is living there. They are Danh Tol and Kim Muone.

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