Saturday, August 22, 2009

Five Khmer Krom Buddhist Monks former will leave Thailand to the third countries soon

August 22, 2009
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According to Mr. Chao Monikhemra, reporter of VOKK (Voice Of Kampuchea-Krom) broadcasted on August 18, 2009 that Khmer Krom Buddhist Monks Former had accept by UNHCR to send them to live in the third countries.

Five Khmer Krom Buddhist Monks Former are:
1. Mr. Thach Thuong
2. Mr. Ly Hoang
3. Mr. Ly Suong
4. Mr. Danh Tol
5. Mr. Kim Muone

These Khmer Krom Buddhist monks former were be defrocked by Vietnamese Communist Goverment in February, 2007 after they conducted other monks to demand their rights of Religious in Khleang province.

Mr. Chao Monikhemra broadcasted on VOKK that these Five Khmer Krom Buddhist Monks former had fleed to Thailand after they were released from Prison. Furthermore, they have been interviewed and passed by UNHCR for leaving to live at the third countries.

In result, five Khmer Krom Refugees got the status as Refugees and they will leave Thailand to live at the third countries soon.

Mr. Chao Monikhemra said that: "Kim Muone and Danh Tol will leave Thailand to stay in Finland. For other monks, Ly Soung, Ly Hoang and Thach Thoung will leave to Holland, The Netherland."

"This is the second time (after Ven. Tim Sakhorn's case that KKF (Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Federation) achieved when KKF tries all their best to confirm the status of these KhmerKrom," Monikhemra said.

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