Monday, May 20, 2013

Cambodian Red Cross lauds China's humanitarian assistance

Xinhua | 2013-5-20
By Agencies

Cambodian Red Cross President Bun Rany, wife of Prime Minister Hun Sen, on Monday expressed her gratitude to the Chinese government and the Red Cross Society of China for actively assisting Cambodia in humanitarian activities.

Speaking at a meeting with outgoing Ambassador of China to Cambodia Pan Guangxue, Bun Rany said China is not only leading in helping Cambodia in the building of roads, bridges, irrigation system and electricity production, but also in providing humanitarian assistance to Cambodia in all difficult times.

"Whenever Cambodia faces difficulties, for instance, from drought or flood, China has always stayed with us and provided us emergency relief aid to help Cambodian people who are in need," she said.

She also recalled the Chinese emergency relief assistance in total of about 10 million US dollars to Cambodia in 2011 when Cambodia suffered the worst from floods that killed about 250 people at that time.

"That truly reflects the generous support of the government and people of China to Cambodian people," she said. "Cambodian people will never forget China's generous donations to them whenever they face difficulties."

Meanwhile, Ambassador Pan hailed good relations and cooperation between the Red Cross Society of China and the Cambodian Red Cross in humanitarian activities.

He said China and Cambodia are like "brothers', reiterating that China would continue helping Cambodia in social and economic development as well as humanitarian activities for a better livelihood for Cambodian people.

Pan also expressed his gratitude to Cambodia for its staunch support for China on issues related to China's core interests.

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