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Trivani International Provides Nearly 400 Desks for Kenyan Students

Springville, UT (OPENPRESS) April 24, 2010 -- Trivani International (, the world’s first purpose-driven network marketing company, has donated more than 375 desks to students in Kenya. The project, funded by revenue from Trivani’s toxin-free, eco-friendly product line, is just one of dozens of food, microfinancing, medical relief and educational projects that Trivani has undertaken in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the U.S.

“Having grown up in North America, it’s easy to take even basic school items for granted, like school desks,” says Dee Mower, President of Trivani International and the Trivani Foundation ( “In Kenya, school desks are almost considered a luxury. Many students are forced to study with no desks at all, or with makeshift lap desks made from whatever they can find. These donations give Kenyan students a comfortable place to sit so they can focus on what they love: learning.”

The desk donation project is just one of a multitude of charitable ventures Trivani is supporting in Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Cambodia, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States. Some of their humanitarian projects include funding low-cost surgeries for children, providing mosquito nets for villagers, building schools, sponsoring children, and providing funding for small businesses in poor countries. Trivani markets a line of nutritional and personal care products that are 100 % free from harmful ingredients and chemical toxins. Trivani uses a significant portion of the revenue generated from the sales to support the projects of its sister non-profit organization, the Trivani Foundation. The Foundation currently partners with nearly a dozen charities ( around the world—including Deseret International, Globus Relief and Sustainable Cambodia—so that they can leverage funds to accomplish relief projects that are worth many times the original amount of money invested.

Antonio Coleman, a Trivani seller from Maryland, says “I loved school and I know that education is the key to a better future, so knowing that my sales helped to provide these desks for children was extra special for me. It feels good to pay it forward.”

About Trivani International:
Trivani is the world’s first Purpose Marketing® company, using the power and profit of network marketing to provide ongoing humanitarian aid around the world. Trivani’s unique business model consists of two distinct but closely intertwined entities: Trivani International and the Trivani Foundation. This business model helps Trivani fulfill its humanitarian goals through three main missions: Purpose, Health, and Prosperity.

Persons interested in learning more about the company can go to Persons interested in the Trivani Foundation, a non-profit organization, and its humanitarian projects can go to

Leslie Deeanne Mower is available for media interviews and special speaking engagements.

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