Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fee for Vietnamese citizenship fixed at VND3 million

July 22, 2009
VietNamNet/Ha Noi Moi

VietNamNet Bridge – The fee for getting Vietnamese citizenship is 3 million dong (US$165) and the fee for re-getting and giving up Vietnamese citizenship is 2.5 million dong ($135), according to a newly-issued circular of the Ministry of Finance, dated July 20, 2009.

The people who are exempted from the above fees include: petitioners for naturalisation who have made special contributions to the construction and defence of Vietnam; those who suffer from financial difficulties; non-nationals who apply for Vietnamese citizenship under Article 22 of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality; Lao immigrants who were lawful residents before January 1, 2009 under a decision of the Vietnamese Prime Minister; Cambodian refugees who came to Vietnam to avoid the genocide in Cambodia in 1978-1983, don’t have original nationality certificates and were registered at the United Nations-sponsored refugee camps in Vietnam.

The fee collectors are provincial and municipal Departments of Justice. These agencies have to pay 70 percent of the revenue from the fees to the state budget.

This circular will take effect 45 days after the day of signing.

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