Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chi Ka-Eng Monastery was destroyed by Vietnamese Communist

July 30, 2009
by Love Khmer

Chi Ka-Eng monastery which a pagoda where is in Chi Ka-Eng Village, Chau Lang Commune, Svai Tong District, Mort Chrout Province as known An Giang now.

During 1970s-1980s, Chi Ka-Eng pagoda was destroyed many times by Vietnamese Communist Government when they pushed Khmer Krom there to Hau Giang, and Kleang Province.

These photos refer to some places of the monk (Korth) are repaired again.

The last one is the High Palie School which was destroyed by Vietnamese. Now they insist to rebuild it again when they promise that they will sponsor. Anyway, Chief of the monk in this pagodia strongly disagree with them because he thinks that this is the evidence which strongly alive...

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