Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vietnam Rubber Group helps Cambodian workers

Jul 13, 2011
VOV News

(VOV) - The Vietnam Rubber Group’s (VRG) investment projects in Cambodia have helped improve living condition for local people, said Nguon Nhel, First Vice-President of the Cambodian National Assembly (NA).

Mr. Nhel said this while receiving VRG General Director Tran Ngoc Thuan on July 12. He emphasized that Cambodia will create favourable conditions for the Vietnamese group to implement its projects in the country in the spirit of friendship and for the benefit of both peoples.

General Director Thuan said VRG will help Cambodia to build two pagodas and asked authorities to decide on their models and locations.

Since starting its investment in Cambodia, VRG has opened 11 branches in the country. It has been granted more than 95,000 ha of land 26,000 ha of which has been planted with rubber trees. The group will plant 50,000 more ha of rubber trees in 2011 and complete a project to plant 100,000 ha by 2012.

VRG has generated jobs for 7,000 people paying an average of more than US$100 per month. It has also built 1,500 houses for workers, as well as medical clinics and schools for labourers and their children.

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