Saturday, July 16, 2011

Over 80,000 Cambodians Registered for Permits to Work in Thailand

2011-07-15 Xinhua Web Editor: liuranran

More than 80,000 Cambodians were already registered for work in Thailand as the deadline just passed, a government official said Friday.

Hou Vuthy, deputy director general of Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training said that by July 14, more than 80,000 Cambodians were registered with Thailand's authorities to legally work there.

He said the Thai side had set a deadline on July 14 for those, not only for Cambodians, who work illegally in Thailand to register for work permit.

He said through legal paperwork, those Cambodian workers will no longer face deportation or charges with illegal entry.

Even though the deadline has passed, the Cambodian authorities will try their best to help those who are not yet registered so that they will be legally permitted.

Thailand is economically richer than its neighbors and needs more workers, thus providing many opportunities to those from neighboring nations to work in the country with hope for more pay.

Early this month, Thai authorities said that 454,449 workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar might face deportation if they fail to register by July 14.

Some say that at least 10,000 Cambodian workers fail to register for legal permit to date, but Hou Vuthy said no one knows for sure how many Cambodians are actually working there, especially, the illegal ones.

He said some Cambodians enter Thailand for one or two days' work, while others might stay up to a week, a month or a year, making the authorities hard to figure out the actual number.

Thai authorities have frequently deported hundreds of illegal Cambodian workers through Poi Pet International border gate between Cambodia's Banteay Meanchey Province and Thailand's Sakaew Province.

In addition to working in Thailand, many Cambodian workers also work in Malaysia and South Korea.

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