Monday, November 23, 2009

Hg Solution enters Thai market


Firm bidding for jobs in three other countries

BANGKOK: Hg Solution Sdn Bhd, one of few firms in the region involved in the management of mercury contamination, has entered the Thai market and is also bidding for projects in the Philippines, Vietnam and Oman.

Ahmad Afdzal Md Isa, executive director of technical operations, said the company had appointed PJ Energy Services as its partner as it sought to penetrate the Thai market.

“It’s a niche market where our services are used to detect mercury in the oil and gas industry.

“We offer a comprehensive ‘cradle to grave’ service and in Thailand, we support PJ Energy in its offshore operations in Songkhla,” he said after Hg Solution signed an agreement with PJ Energy here.

Hg Solution executive chairman Zainal Bahari with PJ Energy managing director Pranee Kouwain after the signing ceremony. – Bernama

Malaysia’s Ambassador to Thailand Datuk Husni Zai Yaacob witnessed the ceremony held on the sidelines of the Ninth Asean Council on Petroleum Conference and Exhibition.

PJ Energy executive director Jamel Salleh said his company also signed an agreement with South Korea’s Dotec to supply oil and gas industry valves in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Pakistan.

Ahmad Afdzal, a former researcher with Petronas, said there were fewer than five companies specialising in the management of mercury contamination in the region and Hg is the only Malaysian company among them.

He said the company, set up in 2005, with a fully-functioning laboratory in Paka, Terengganu, has been growing steadily, adding that there was vast potential in the sectors.

There is a high probability that the highly toxic liquid metal can be found in the region. — Bernama

The company, with 21 full-time staff and 30 to 60 contract workers, offers services from analysing the level of mercury and its distribution in an operation, to training personnel in mercury awareness and cleaning all the contaminated parts of machinery and equipment. – Bernama

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