Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cambodian PM`s daughter to take over air traffic control co

Bangkok (ANTARA News/Asia Pulse) - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's daughter plans to hold shares in Thai-owned Cambodia Traffic Air Services (CATS) after the Cambodian government temporarily took over management of the firm, according to Dr Panitan Wattanayakorn, deputy secretary-general to the Thai prime minister.

Dr Panitan, also acting government spokesman, confirmed the news report that Cambodian leader's daughter is planning to hold shares in CATS.

The plan followed confirmation by the Cambodian government of its temporarily assuming control of the management of the country's air traffic control company following the arrest of CATS employee Siwarak Chutipong on charges of espionage.

Tekreth Samrach, a deputy minister of Cambodia's Council of Ministers, said in Phnom Penh Friday that his government acted against CATS for the sake of national security and for flight safety.

Business in Asia Today - Nov 26, 2009
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