Friday, November 2, 2012

Indonesia to Import Rice from Cambodia

02 November, 2012
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Indonesian government will import 1.1 million tons of rice from Cambodia in two stages: 100,000 tons in December and 1 million tons next year.

An agreement was signed in Jakarta on Oct.31 between Deddy Saleh, director general of Foreign Trade, Trade Ministry and Sutarto Alimoeso, chief of State Logistic Agency (Bulog) and Thon Virak, chairman of Green Trade, representing the Cambodian Trade Ministry, and Noorhisham bin Nordin, CEO of Chamalay Foods, an exporter designated by the Cambodian government.

Deddy said that not all of the rice will be brought to Indonesia. “Bulog can operate in Cambodia later on and keep the rice as supply there. It can be used for commercial purposes or imported to meet Indonesia’s domestic demands," he said.

Virak said that his country has always enjoyed a surplus. "Our prices are competitive and our rice is quality organic," he said.

Noorhisham said that Indonesia will benefit from the arrangement because Cambodian rice is much cheaper than that from Vietnam and Thailand because the rice that Indonesia buys from those two countries actually originates from Cambodia.


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