Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aqua Mekong to be launched in Cambodia and Vietnam

On the Mekong River
SINGAPORE A new luxury vessel, Aqua Mekong will be launched in early 2014, scheduled to operate three, four, or seven night itineraries from Siem Reap down to My Tho, near Saigon, stopping in Phnom Penh along the way.

Francesco Galli Zugaro, founder and CEO of Aqua Expeditions commented, “We are thrilled to be venturing into another exotic frontier and offering the experience traveller an authentic and world-class way of exploring the Mekong.

Aqua Mekong will be retaining the style of the Peruvian vessels, Aqua Amazon and Aqua Aria, to be balanced in capacity space as it is small enough to be intimate yet spacious. It will have 20 outward-facing suites with floor-to-floor ceiling windows which enables guests to relax and watch the sea from their window view. Guests are also free to explore facilities like the spa and fitness centre, dining room, library, screening room, observation deck with a swimming pool and lounge bar.  Every facility will be decorated in an authentic Asian style using locally sourced fabrics and materials. 

In addition, there will be daily river and shore excursions to cater to guests, throughout the cruise journey.

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