Friday, August 2, 2013

NGO will use its talents to teach orphans

by Claudia Calleja

A group of actors, musicians and teachers will be spending two-and-a-half weeks in a Cambodian orphanage to teach its children English and drama.

The team, forming part of a new NGO called Drama Outreach (DO), would leave on Thursday, member Paula Fleri-Soler said.

Cambodia will be their first project, aptly called DO Cambodia, and the group members will be sharing their adventure with readers on a daily pictorial blog on

“We will be working towards making a sustainable difference to children whose prospects for a bright future are bleak at best,” explained NGO president Alan Montanaro.

“Due to a turbulent past and years of devastation, much of Cambodia’s population hasn’t had the opportunity to receive a formal education.

“This has created a vicious circle that has had a devastating effect on the more vulnerable portion of the population of this East Asian country, namely the children,” he said.

The organisation will help children through a programme designed to promote self-confidence, teach English and increase vocabulary, encourage effective social interaction, enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life.

The NGO is made up of Mr Montanaro, Ms Fleri-Soler, Chiara Hyzler, Anika Gatt Seretny, Matthew Gatt, Gaby Montanaro and Katherine Brown. The group plans to visit different developing countries each year.
In Cambodia they will be working closely with other international NGOs that include the Volunteer for Children and Development Organisation and Le Restaurant des Enfants.

For more information on their work visit the DO Cambodia Facebook page or the NGO’s website.

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